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At the decompression stop in Kosrae, FSM

My research interests are driven by the diversity of life, in particular among marine invertebrates of the Indo-Pacific. I seek to understand how diversity is generated and maintained. To achieve this goal, I use a variety of methods and work at various spatial and temporal scales.

Since August 2006, I am a PhD student in the department of Zoology at the University of Florida and in the division of Malacology at the Florida Museum of Natural History. I am a trainee of the PEET project “Sea cucumbers on coral reefs: systematics of aspidochirotid holothurians”.

Part of my research is also devoted in the development of open-source software to store, manage and analyze data associated with biodiversity studies.

If you are looking for my CV, it’s here.

I tweet at @FrancoisInvert, and I’m on github.