With over 7 years of professional experience in non-profits and startups, I am a leader and solution engineer in data science who bridges the gap between complex technical challenges and business needs. My expertise spans 20+ years of R programming, data pipeline development, and creation of web applications with Shiny, complemented by a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Florida. I've led the creation of widely-used data science educational content, driven product adoption through innovative marketing strategies, and spearheaded compliance efforts, demonstrating my ability to manage cross-functional, high-impact projects.

As a passionate educator and problem solver, I excel at transforming complex data into actionable insights. On the technical side, my experience includes developing open source R packages, managing AWS infrastructure, containerizing applications, and implementing GDPR compliance. In leadership roles, I've guided global remote teams, fostering an inclusive culture and encouraging continuous learning.

My unique blend of technical acumen and leadership skills allows me to effectively bridge the gap between data science capabilities and organizational needs, whether it's architecting scalable data solutions or translating complex technical concepts for diverse stakeholders. I'm currently seeking new opportunities to apply my expertise in solution engineering or data science leadership roleslet's connect to discuss how I can contribute to your organization's data-driven success.