Summer activities

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Since I came back from my field trip in the Indian Ocean, I have been busy.

First, I went to the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS) in Fort Lauderdale (July 7-11) . Here are the abstracts for the talks I contributed to.

  • Adjeroud M., Michonneau F., Edmunds P. J., Chancerelle Y., Penin L., Vidal-Dupiol J., Salvat B., Galzin R., 2008. Recurrent large-scale disturbances, recovery trajectories, and resilience of coral assemblages on a coral reef in the South-Central Pacific. Abstract
  • Bruggemann H., Paulay G., Michonneau F., Malay M., Hubert N., Guillaume M. M. M., 2008. Diversity and diversification in the Southwest Indian Ocean (Program ANR BIOTAS). Abstract
  • Michonneau F., Kim S., McPherson S., Netchy K., Starmer J., Kerr A., Paulay G., 2008. New insights into the biodiversity and evolution of aspidochirotid holothurians. Abstract
  • Penin L., Michonneau F., Baird A. H., Connolly S. R., Pratchett M. S., Kayal M., Adjeroud M., 2008. Importance of post-settlement mortality on scleractinian population maintenance around Moorea, French Polynesia. Abstract

Then, I went to the 5th North American Echinoderm Conference (NAEC), in Melbourne, FL. The sea cucumber PEET group was well represented:

  • Campbell C., Honey M., Kenyon L., Kerr A., Kim S., Massin C., McPherson S., Mezali K., Michonneau F., Netchy K., O'Loughlin M., Paulay G., Pawson D., Rowe F., Samyn Y., Smiley S., Solis-Marin F., Starmer J., Thandar A., Van den Spiegel D., Werner T., 2008. The Holothurian PEET project and the Aspidochirotid working group: Integrative taxonomy on a large scale.
  • Kerr A. M., 2008. Sea cucumbers in Western literature from antiquity to Linnæus and beyond.
  • Michonneau F., Kim S., Kerr A., 2008. Holothurians of Kosrae (Federated States of Micronesia) and Majuro (Marshall Islands). Poster. Abstract
  • Michonneau F., Netchy K., Starmer J., McPherson S., Campbell C. A., Kenyon L., Kerr A. M., Paulay G., 2008. Speciation in Aspidochirotid holothurians. Abstract
  • Paulay G., Kerr A., Michonneau F., Netchy K., McPherson S., O'Loughlin M., Starmer J., 2008. The cucumber tree: phylogeny and evolution of holothurians, with a focus on Aspidochirotids.
  • Starmer J. & Paulay G., 2008. Statistical analysis of tissue-specific ossicles in Holothurians.
  • Starmer J. & Paulay G., 2008. Systematics and phylogeny of Stichopodidae (Aspidochirotida, Holothuroidea).
  • Werner, T. B., Skillings D., Chick B., 2008. Analysis of genetic population structure in the widely distributed tropical sea cucumber, Holothuria (Halodeima) atra.

After these 2 conferences, I went at NESCent, on Duke campus to take the phyloinformatics summer course (aka comphy). You can also find more details about this course here. I followed the R track and I learned a lot on comparative methods and their applications in R.

Before starting the new school year, I'm going to France for a couple of weeks...