I just got back from a month-long trip to the Southern Line Islands. This group of remote and inhabited islands, located North of French Polynesia, is among the most pristine coral reefs that remains. The expedition was organized by Jennifer Smith, Stuart Standin and Forest Rohwer. You can learn more about our trip by reading the blog of the expedition at coralreefsystems.org.

You'll find below images for some of the creatures I photographed during this trip. Click on the photos to enlarge fullscreen.

Alpheidae withParasites Alpheidae Fungicola Galathea pilosa Gonadactylellus affinis Lybia, the pom-pom crab Huenia Pagurixus Saron Petrolisthes scabriculus Saron Trapezia Macrophiothrix Nemertea Polycladidae Nudibranch